All electric heating is the most expensive form of heating a home and in most cases and contributes very heavily (80% of bills) to average annual electricity bills of around £2000- £3000 in a lot of cases.

First of all we need to understand:

The rating (kilowatts or kw) of the appliance is the main factor for soaring electricity costs and reducing this is essential.

Controlling the heater is also paramount and the closer the control, the more energy efficient it is.

The heating material of the element is also very important and its ability to retain heat for long periods.

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Rionte Controls – Electric heaters

At Central Scotland Electrical, we only utilise energy efficient products which are proven and state of the art as we pride our reputation on substantial cost savings and value for money our customers. This is why we offer specially designed radiators with:

Special thermal oil for heating

Digital electronic thermostats for sensing for closer control within +/- 0.25 degree

Fully programmable 24 hour, 7 days a week time and temperature settings (anti-frost mode, economy mode and comfort mode), using the radiator control panel.

Optional remote programmer for quick and easy programming of multiple radiators

Electric Heating Glasgow
Electricity Savings Breakdown

The electric heating system has the ability to significantly reduce your electricity bills by reducing the consumption significantly.

A quick calculation by one of professionals in electric heating in Glasgow can be carried out in a typical living room which in most cases has 2 x 3kw storage heaters with no heater controls on constantly for 8 hrs per day.

6kw x 8hrs x £0.14 cost per kwh = £6.72 per day

New Electric Heating System

The other is a new electric heater with controls to switch off when the optimum temperature has been reached so therefore on for 5 hours per day and as the electric heater is more efficient only requires 2.7kw to heat the same space:

2.7kw x 6hrs x £0.14 cost per kwh = £2.26 per day

Over a full year = 2452.80 – 827.82 = £1624.98 saving

Electric Heater Glasgow
Our Ranges

We offer top branded wall mounted electric heating such as Rionte, Harmoni and Haverland which offer long guarantees.

Haveland Heater

Our Bronze Range

Haverland dynamic fluid designer radiator

Electric Heating

Our Silver Range

Harmoni Lugo + Wifi control

Electric Heater

Our Gold Range

Rionte D series which offers Wifi control

As we can see this form of electrical heating runs at around 15% and 30% of the cost of storage heaters and panel heaters respectively! And also is comparable with a central heating gas boiler system! If you're looking for a local electric heater in Glasgow based expert then look no further!

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